News icon The Mitchell Institute response to COVID-19

The Mitchell Institute is determined to ensure that Mitchell Scholars have the tools and resources they need to succeed in the face of the uncertain circumstances that the novel coronavirus has caused across the nation. We understand that Mitchell Scholars have experienced a great deal of upheaval in the past few weeks, and are committed to meeting the need by directing Scholars to the correct resources, both from the Mitchell Institute and beyond.

Mitchell Institute staff are currently connecting with Mitchell Scholars, seeking to connect individually via email or phone with everyone we can, to ascertain what they need most right now. To meet the needs of those affected by the pandemic, we are providing Mitchell Scholars with emotional and financial support. See our COVID-19-specific resources page for more information.

We worry that as this crisis continues, more and more students will have to make the choice between buying food, paying rent or paying tuition. We are determined that the Mitchell Institute Family will be here for them in that situation. We welcome partnership and support from our friends in the community in this endeavor.