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For Aube, Going the Extra MILE Pays Off

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes, 52 seconds. Like many college graduates ready to enter the job market in spring 2020, Noah Aube encountered an unexpected roadblock. Aube, the 2016 Mitchell Scholar from Cony High School, was on the cusp of graduating from Amherst College with a bachelor’s in computer science. His transcript featured Dean’s List… Read more »

Cash Writes in Press Herald Op-Ed: ‘We must fully account for true need in the cost of higher education’

Mitchell Institute President and CEO Jared Cash writes in the July 27, 2022, Portland Press Herald that “to fully understand the forces that are suppressing college enrollment nationwide, we need to look beyond the cost of higher education in terms of traditional expenses such as tuition, room, and board. Instead, it’s important to think more broadly about the true and sometimes invisible costs of earning a degree — and how this tally keeps higher education out of reach for too many Maine families.”

No-Agenda Meetings Are Where Scholars, Alumni Find Answers

Got a question or two? A no-agenda meeting with a member of the Mitchell Institute staff could be just the thing for you. So named because any topic is welcome, no-agenda meetings provide Mitchell Scholars and Alumni with a chance to ask Institute staff a broad range of questions and learn about resources available to… Read more »

Silicon Valley Tech Leaders Teach Mitchell Scholars to Innovate the NIMBLE Way

NIMBLE founder Mariette Wharton helps lead a team of Mitchell Scholars and Alumni through a prototype development exercise as part of the Innovation Lab held at the Mitchell Institute. On a warm, mid-July Saturday morning, 15 Mitchell Scholars and Alumni gathered around a conference table at the Mitchell Institute’s headquarters in Portland. Some had yet… Read more »