News icon Scholars Speak Podcast: Leo Wing

In the latest episode of the Scholars Speak podcast, host Michele Martin, the 1999 Mitchell Scholar from Scarborough High School, catches up with perhaps the only Mitchell Scholar currently in the employ of the National Basketball Association.

Listen up as Leo Wing, the 2015 Mitchell Scholar from Cape Elizabeth High School and Economics and English graduate of Northwestern University, traces his career path from strategic consulting on growth, mergers, and acquisitions for technology, media, and telecom companies to being an analyst for early-stage venture capital investing focused on real estate and construction technology to being manager of direct-to-consumer strategy and forecasting for the NBA.

To hear Wing tell it, his career goal of combining his interest in analysis and strategy with his enthusiasm for media and entertainment has its roots in a part-time college job: serving various executive board roles for A&O Productions, Northwestern’s large-scale event production club that brings blockbuster films and performances by nationally known figures in music, comedy, and contemporary thought to the university’s 23,000 students.