News icon Senior Scholar Reflection: Emily Birdsall

As she finishes her degree in Medical Biology/Pre-med and Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities, University of New England senior Emily Birdsall is grateful to the Mitchell Institute for several things, including events like MILE II that give Scholars a “safe space” to explore career options and the opportunity to apply for a supplemental fellowship of up to $1,500 that helped defray the cost of her medical school applications.

Even more so, the 2019 Mitchell Scholar from John Bapst Memorial High School is grateful for the Mitchell Institute’s holistic Scholarship application review process, which, she says, gave her — someone who had missed more than 100 days of school over her junior and senior years due to illness — a shot at becoming a Mitchell Scholar.

Four years later, with a medical school acceptance letter in hand, Birdsall says, “It wouldn’t have happened if [the Mitchell Institute] hadn’t looked at me as a complete person, a complete applicant — and everything I had experienced beyond my grades.”

Learn more about what Birdsall thinks of the Mitchell Institute and the opportunities it has provided her in these Senior Scholar Reflection videos recorded in the Bush Center at UNE.

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